How to Play Poker for Beginners

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  • … are looking for simple, no jargon explanations of Poker basics
  • … want to learn how to play Poker and also win at the same time!

In this Section….

  • Introduction to the background of Poker
  • All the basics you need to know about Poker
  • A guide to Poker Hand Rankings
  • Common Beginner mistakes and how to avoid them

In this Section...

How Do You Play Poker – A Guide for Beginners

Often a Google search for those looking to learn how to play poker can be a confusing experience. There are many varieties of different poker games and unless you understand the background and basics of poker first then the conflicting and misleading information on the internet for all the different poker games will only serve to confuse beginner poker players.

There are many hundreds of varieties of poker games, most are very rarely played any more and there are only about 10 variants that are popular. The most popular is Texas Holdem Poker which is played by millions around the world, but there are also other games that are also reasonably popular like Omaha, Stud and HORSE.

There are also many different rules that govern how these games are played, you can play them in “No Limit” or “Limit” or “Pot Limit” modes and there are many different stakes you can play them for.

If you don’t understand the difference between these game types and modes then you are bound to read conflicting information with one article being based on one game and another on a different game, or reading an article that is explaining how to play “Limit” poker and another based on “No Limit” poker.

There is also a lot of jargon in poker, regular poker players have developed their own language almost and most information available on the internet doesn’t realise that beginner poker players are not yet fluent in the poker language. We make sure to explain all poker jargon and terminology as we go along so you won’t be left staring at a foreign language.

So if you are that beginner who is looking for a dummies guide to poker then we have designed our How to Play Poker for Beginners section just for you to give you that introduction and grounding that you need.

In this section you will find an introduction to poker, giving the background to the game, explanation of the different types of poker games, a guide to the basic rules that are common to all types of poker games, a guide to learn the poker hand rankings and also introduce you to some simple but important topics that beginner poker players should be aware of before they start to play.

Once you have a solid footing from this section in the subject of playing poker then you can move onto our other sections, Poker Games & Rules gives you complete guides on how to play each type of poker game, so you can choose your game that you want to focus on and learn the detailed rules. Poker Tips is a section where you can learn poker and learn how to play better poker and be more profitable. Our Play Poker section is our ultimate guide at what to expect and where to play online poker.

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